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Pure Next is a Assets licensed by Finance International

Pure Next also belong to various crypto industry groups in order to contribute to the development of USA Crypto Assets industry. Our high-level mindset of compliance keeps our system reliable safe.

How To Start

How it works

We offer a range of benefits to our clients which you will like to.

Register New Account

Very easy to open an account at our trading system. No experience needed for that. Just Need A "Refer Username".

Deposit Trade Balance

You can use your online money at our site, just use the option "Deposit Balance". You can deposit through USDT TRC20.

Start Trading & Marketing

By your trade balance at your account, you can trade, and you can marketing to your team for several networks earns.

About Our Trading Platform

Decenteralized Crypto Trading Platform

Decentralized exchanges, also known as DEXs, are peer-to-peer marketplaces where cryptocurrency traders make transactions directly without handing over management of their funds to an intermediary or custodian.

DEXs were created to remove the requirement for any authority to oversee and authorize trades performed within a specific exchange. Decentralized exchanges allow for peer-to-peer (P2P) trading of cryptocurrencies. Peer-to-peer refers to a marketplace that links buyers and sellers of cryptocurrencies. They are usually non-custodial, which means users keep control of their wallet's private keys. A private key is a type of advanced encryption that enables users to access their cryptocurrencies. Users can immediately access their crypto balances after logging into the DEX with their private key. They will not be required to submit any personal information like names and addresses, which is great for individuals who cherish their privacy.

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  • 33m
  • 75m
Softcap in 103 days Token Hardcap

Pre-Sale 1 ETH = 8,000 Token

ICO Roadmap

Our ICO Roadmap

A development roadmap. The outline of the ICO token release, specifically the value of your crypto tokens, their number, and the crypto token platform where they will be issued.

23 June 2015
Listing to the web sectors

On that day, we listing our tokens on to the websectors by that name purenext.org, on which our user can buy sell the tokens they get from us. it was the start of Pure Next.

07 February 2016
Platform integration to marketplaces

We get into marketplaces! waht a day that was. On that we launch our online automations buy/sell system. After it our users can easily transactions their balances through our system.

21 April 2018
Crypto Wallet version release

We are trying make a soft version and interface for our users, where they can easily, understand the crypto market, for that we launch Crypto Wallet Version, at release on that day.

12 Novemeber 2022
Thiking For A Meta Version

We are agrreed to launch a new meta version for main purenext.org system. Where our new web user can web 3 technology, and make faster trasactions through that vesions, named Pure Next.

Our ICO Whitepaper

Downoad Our Whitepaper

We have a white paper, from where you can get details about us and our business. Note that, we are a meta versions of our main project purenext.org, so that papaer you will be get the company details history, goals, and futures plans. so try to get this.

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About Our Token

Our Token Info

At this section, we are showing your tokens current status, with our token uses to our functions which are showing in the chart at below.

  • Token Name

    Crypto Token

  • ICO Pre-sale starts in

    June 15-30, 2022

  • Platform

    Ethereum based

  • PreICO price

    1 ETH = 2,682 Token

  • Price in ICO

    1 ETH = 2,182 Token

  • Token Soft cap


  • Token Hard Cap


  • Total Supply

    250.000.000 Token

  • Sold Tokens

    49,828,000 Token

  • Remaining Tokens

    200,182,000 Token

Token FAQ

Frequently Questions

Learn what you need to know before you drive to us at this platform.

What are the objectives of this Token?

The objective of security tokens is to be the crypto equivalent of conventional financial securities like stocks, bonds, etc. They represent ownership in these traditional financial assets.

What is the best features and services we deiver?

We give fixed percentence of their trading values daily, no off days at all, every day every month, on your small amount, you can trust on that where others are not reliables alike us last 10 years.

Why this ICO important to me?

There are lots of crypto tokens are available on the online, most of are new platform like us, but has not any past background like us. You can find details about our past at our main page purenext.org.

how may I take part in and purchase this Token?

Very easy, click on the sing-in, login to your account, after that find the options Deposit Balance. At there you can user your USTD TRC20 wallet balance to add here, then you trade that balance at your account.

Our Team

Awesome Team

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Joman Helal

Executive Officer

Slans Alons

Business Development

Josha Michal

UX/UI Designer

Johan Wright

Head of Marketing